The Mac is Back

Just getting caught up with photos from the Labor Day weekend now that our Mac is back home, safe and sound after a short stay at Onyx in Decatur.  It was dropped on it's power cord the first week we had it (over a year ago?) and it finally came back to bite us.  But that's all done now and the Mac is happily humming along with a new power source tonight.

The weekend was gorgeous here and we had fun hanging out at home and hitting the playground across the street and the zoo.  Surely there was a grocery store and Target run in there, but they weren't as photo-worthy as our other stops over the weekend.

Personal observation: animals that serve time in the Petting Zoo should receive some sort of special compensation.  Have you seen some of those crazy toddlers running around with curry combs??


TAG! You're IT!Michael, saving his bath toys from the drain.