The Pumpkin Farm Where We Didn't Buy Pumpkins

Big share tonight!  We went to a pumpkin carving party yesterday where we got that part of the Halloween season out of our systems, so when we went to Washington Farms today, we posed with pumpkins but came home with none.  The kids had a great time - thanks Aunt Kristi and Uncle David for helping to keep them wrangled! - and we brought home more than a little dust and dried corn kernels to dump into the bath, along with the little ones. 

First, here is Michael 'helping' to hang some of our Halloween decorations.

Now, onto the pumpkin farm!

At the pig races. Yep. Pig races. They had a totally awesome 'air pillow' that kids (and adults! whoo!) could jump on. Well, Michael didn't think it was totally awesome. He was missing out. "Baby T-ow!" If you look closely, you can see Ella in the baby cow's eye catchlights. Riding Dino. Ella rode Bessie.

Here, Michael's trying to fish out some more rubber duckies to chase down the chute with the water pumps. This entertained for nearly 30 minutes.

The origin of the corn kernels Michael brought home in his pants.