i think i'll start small

When I say "I", it's me, Anne.  I'm totally new to building a Web site or launching a photoblog but it's long been on my list of things to learn about.  So here it is!  My very first attempt.  I'm sure I'll tinker and figure out more along the way, but thanks for being among the first to check out what I've put together.

I welcome all forms of input, criticism, suggestions and encouragement.

My goal is to create a space to share the pictures (and maybe I'll figure out video, too?) of the people and places I love, and also share a little of our story.  I'll post our favorites here on our photoblog.  You will find more pictures grouped in galleries, as well as a page dedicated to more about me and all of the many hats I wear throughout the day elsewhere on the site.  

I think that's good for now.  I'll try to remember to keep it small.  Bite-sized chunks.  Cheers!

Sunset Beach 2009 - In full disclosure, I didn't take this picture.  Check out W. Scott Chester Photography.