The Last Stop: Venice

In Venice, we began to tally up the damage, to look forward to major squishy hugs from the kids, our own bed, and - for me - a reunion with my dear 1875 Watt American hairdryer.  But before we headed home, we made the most of our final days spent in Venice. 

The crowds were out in force around Rialto and St. Mark's but we spent enough time lost and meandering through the back "streets" that we weren't bothered too much by them.  Can't imagine what high season in July must be like. 

We discovered the other gelateria (Gelateria San Stae - I'm now a Facebook fan) that tied with Giolotti's in Rome, and we also tested our theory that it is impossible to get a hangover in Italy.  If only the wines we buy at home could be sulfate-free. 

If you want to see more of Venice or the other cites, CLICK HERE for our gallery page. 

It was nice to catch a view from Rialto bridge without the big tour boats in the frame. Can you imagine being married in Venice? That guy is really going to have to step it up for anniversaries. Hope she didn't get pidgeon poop on her dress. Indigo Girls were in my head while we were at the top of the bell tower - Gallileo demonstrated his telescope on top of the first one that collapsed in 1902. Gorgeous veiws from up high. We knew something was up as we approached the square via the sidestreets. When we got there, we saw the mayhem caused by the quick flooding. It drained just as quickly and life went back to normal - if a bit soggy. Giggling girls dancing in the rainBehind the scenes - is there no magic left in this world? :)