Christmas at the Farm

Did it really already come and go?  We had such a good time goofing off in Texas over the last week.  One day, the sum total of our plans was to run to Target for pull-ups.  We spent the rest of our time feeding the longhorns, praying the kids wouldn't ride their scooters into something valuable, and generally soaking up Nana and Rocket's hospitality.

I've put up a gallery of photos from the trip (which you can see by CLICKING HERE or by going over to the Galleries tab) and picked out a few of my favorites to post on the blog. For some reason that I'm too lazy today to look into, several of the thumbnails are not showing in the gallery but if you click on the white space, the full-sized image does come up.  Let me know if you're having trouble.

Happy New Year everyone.  Chin chin!

And apparently by "a few of my favorites" I mean "a whole mess of my favorites."  That's how they say it in Texas.