Toy Story

This weekend, I took on a small project for a local preschool class.  They - like nearly every local school I know of around here - put on an annual auction and ask their classrooms to come up with items to sell.  I thought this idea was so unique, I wanted to share. 

Each child was asked to bring in a favorite toy to be photographed.  The final shots will be framed, either alone or in a series, and displayed gallery-style for the auction.  Outside of an idea for your own upcoming auction (anyone else a little tired of pulling together a spa or movie night basket for the fourth year in a row?), I think this could also be a great way to capture your own child's favorite toy or lovey and turn it into a work of art.  It's only a matter of time before it gets left behind for grown-up things like make-up and video games.  *sniff*