A Sprout, A Cat and Two Drummer Boys

Elizabeth's newest school experiment is hanging out in our kitchen these days.  If I'm being honest, I was hoping it wouldn't work so I could toss the slightly moldy cup of dirt, but alas...

If you've ever seen Audrey Hepburn dance in the Parisian coffee house in Funny Face, you might recognize these following moves.   The part of Drummer Boy No. 1 is being played by Wes.  The bongos are just out of sight of the camera, unfortunately. 

Cat in the Hat day at school.

It might be fair to say that if you were anything unwanted, unneeded or unused in our home this weekend, you were fairly afraid of me.  Phase one of Spring cleaning is done; tax deductions are being noted.  The house lost some serious weight this week. 

This guy was happy to survive the household purge. Here he is playing the part of Drummer Boy No. 2.

Elizabeth didn't take a nap today, but it looks like many of her stuffed companions were very well-rested by dinnertime.

Crud.  Now it has a friend. ...Well, they are kinda cute.