The Fort

I'm noticing a distinct trend lately.  One of my children - who shall remain nameless - is avoiding my camera more than the other lately.  So in case there are any vicious rumors of favoritism swirling about out there, let it be known, it's not my fault.  Or maybe I just need to adjust my bribery methods?  She's all grown up now and heading into Kindergarten soon, you know.

This past weekend, we traveled to Indiana to see family and had a wonderful time.  It's so green there, you think maybe you've stepped into a remote Midwestern rainforest.  Compared to the 95+ degree weather we've had here, it sure was hard to leave the 75 degree fabulousness.  

I've uploaded the full album into a MobileMe Gallery (CLICK HERE to see) and chose to post just a few here on the blog. 

We camped out at Lance & Chris' house who were so nice to let us stay while they were away visiting Nate, Heather & Hadley in the Carolinas.  The kids loved watching the birds in the backyard through the dining room windows.

Saturday, we spent the day at the Ft. Wayne zoo (which honestly puts our Atlanta Zoo to shame on several accounts - the kids have been spoiled now.)   Ella is way ahead in this photo riding Flash, while Michael brings up the rear on his pony, Cindy. 

While Ella and Nana rode the River Ride (think: Log Plume ride) Michael splashed around in a fountain and Granny and I took a much-needed rest.  Here is the realization of how wet he got while playing in the water dawning over Michael.  Sorry Bud, you're going to have to drip-dry.

Here is Penny, sitting in her place by Granny's side.  She and Abby share the same birth month and year.  Happy 14 years to both girls! 

Ella looked at me!  And SMILED. 

Baby Xave and mom, cousin Lizz, came to see us at Granny's. 


Heading home, via Gate 6.