What I've been up to the past two weeks

What have I been doing?  Wes would say, "totally monopolozing the computer."  Ella would say, "making me sit for photos, like, every single day."  Michael would say, "huh?"

Two weeks ago, Shooting 201 started and, well, it's been an adventure.  Let's just say Ella has been earning lots of peices of gum.  Michael has been wandering away from me when I need him to look at me for a photo.  And Wes has been missing the computer. 

Here are a few of the photos I've taken.  Most haven't made it for a submission, but I thought they summed up the past two weeks fairly well. 

Things I've learned...

1. Ella can only smile for so long.

2.  I'm not that good at taking sunny/hazy photos, but I think I might be addicted to trying.

3. Sometimes I miss focus.  But kind of like the photo anyway.

4. Michael gets bored.  Easily.

5.  If we take the kids to a (semi-dangerous, active) railroad track, they get excited and might even stand together for 1.5 seconds to allow a joint photo.

6. Sometimes Ella just needs a rest.

6. Michael does not know, nor does he care, what the reflector is supposed to be used for, despite repeated explanations.  Apparently they make really good seats and rock holders.

7. I may have said, "Look at mommy!" one too many times in 20 minutes.  I was threatened with rocks. I probably deserved it.

8. The assignments don't allow for B&W submissions (yet,  I hope.) I still can't help myself from converting a few from each session. Love this little girl.

Two more weeks to go. (Insert excited smiley face icon here.)

And now for something unrelated...Pigeon's slat-style crib bumpers showed up recently.  I was thrilled to find ones I can leave on the crib even when Pigeon's still an infant and not rolling over yet, that don't involve unsightly mesh.  Is it 11 weeks from now YET?