Hello, March

Even with an extra day, February passed by in a blink.  Happily, a new month means a new folder for photos which makes finding the ones I need a little easier. 

This little guy supervised me making cookies yesterday.  Very well, I might add - nearly all of the ingredients actually made it into the mixing bowl.  Ella tasted the finished product and said they were divine.  (Thanks, Fancy Nancy.)

Wes assured me he wasn't letting Henry nap on his chest.  Just cuddling he says.  Hm. 

Making Henry smile is one of Ella's favorite things.  At bedtime tonight, she was getting visibly upset that she could hear him fussing in his crib.  I had checked on him several times and assured her that he was fine - he'd be falling asleep very soon.  Still upset that he was fussing and I seemed to be okay with it, she told me, "Mommy, I love him more than you do."  *chest clutch*

I have so many belly pictures taken in this mirror, I thought it might be fun to have one with the end result. 

He loves smiling at the baby he sees.