Project 52: Week 20

It's been a little harder than I expected to get back in the habit of picking up my camera the past couple of weeks.  Even tougher to set aside time to edit and post, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  There's just been a lot going on lately -- more on that exciting topic in a future post. 

In the first photo, I believe Michael was busy explaining the finer points of "Taptain Amerita" and his super hero friends to his little protege. 


Poppa and Gigi came to visit and watch the kids so we could have dinner with friends.  The inherent risk is always that they don't want Mom and Dad to come back home.  (The kids, I mean. Pretty sure Poppa and Gigi are glad we don't hop a plane to Bermuda.)

The most awesome thing about your daughter learning to read and write?  She can do her own Teacher Appreciation notes.  Sweeeeet.

Henry's big news this week involved his first taste of super delicious oatmeal cereal.  Surely he was thrilled that the whole family was there to support him and document the momentous experience.

More? Please?  I'm wasting away here.