Shower Fun and More FFPs

Saturday afternoon we got to celebrate our newest Manning-to-be.  Michael was concerned that the diaper cake was for eating ("That would be so chewy") and Ella was on-hand to offer all of her gift-opening and cake-cutting consulting services.  I'm sure Aunt Kristi was abundantly appreciative.

The next day - and it was rainy...what is going on in July in Georgia? - the kids and I decided to try for some more FFPs (Forced Family Photos).  Wes was busy doing some things around the house, and the kids are always up for any activity that promises to end in eating leftover cake.  I didn't get The One yet, but I think I got a couple of keepers. 

Someone, who will remain nameless, was feeling a little silly. 

I caught this one during a 'break.'  Sweet boys. 

And someone else was no longer interested in sitting for photos, despite sweet words and kisses from big sis.

But he could be talked into playing with some toys. Will someone please remind her how much she loved him one day when he's bothering her and her super-grown-up teenage friends?