Crazy Saturday/Lazy Sunday

Until T-ball and soccer wrap for the season, I think this will be our normal weekend pattern.  Jam-packed Saturdays...recoup on Sundays.  We have quite a cheering section that shows up each week.  So big, I couldn't get everyone in the same shot!

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Michael might say the cheering section is embarrassingly large.  He's learning how to graciously accept all of the hooting and hollering headed his direction. 

It may take a few more games.  Check out that scowl.

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Henry was feeling a little grouchy during Ella's game so I didn't get to take more than a few pictures.

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As promised, Sunday was pretty uneventful.  We did get a new dishwasher to replace the one being held together with strapping tape (no joke), but other than that, there was snacking, time in front of the tube and lots of napping.  Sweet napping.

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Doesn't everyone watch the Disney Channel in a ballet costume?

Doesn't everyone watch the Disney Channel in a ballet costume?

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Henry seems pretty stoked about the prospect of clean sippy cups.

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