It's a Boy!

Nearly five weeks ago, the newest member of our family was born.  It was a long wait until today when we could visit the [very sleepy] bundles of fur to pick the cutest one.  We should have seen it coming how impossible it would be to choose just one of these spectacularly snuggly itty bitty puppies, but I'd say we were not really prepared.  Thankfully we finally decided and stuck to the "just one" plan.  Phew.  

Three more weeks and we will travel back out to the sticks of East Texas to bring him home.  In the meantime, we're taking name suggestions.  What do you think fits this face?   

2013.06 Home Selects-400.jpg
2013.06 Home Selects-401.jpg
2013.06 Home Selects-402.jpg
2013.06 Home Selects-406.jpg
2013.06 Home Selects-405.jpg

Later little dude!  Counting the days until we can bring you home to stay.