Where I've Been...

Well Wes would tell you I've been stuck on the couch with the computer in my lap for nearly three weeks....and he's kinda right.  It's been a year and a half since I last took a full-participation photography workshop and this one has come along at the perfect time.  The downside is it requires daily shooting, which in turn requires daily downloading, culling, editing, posting and peer critiquing.    The upside is posted in the shots below.

So pardon the over-share, but here are some of my favorites from the first half of the course.  We're on a break week right now, then we'll be back on for two more intensive weeks. 

Wes appreciates any condolences you'd like to throw his direction.  I hear his fantasy baseball team is also feeling the pinch while I hog the laptop. 

301 FAVE-1.jpg
301 FAVE-8.jpg
301 FAVE-9.jpg
301 FAVE-10.jpg
301 FAVE-11.jpg
301 FAVE-20.jpg
301 FAVE-32.jpg
301 FAVE-42.jpg
301 FAVE-45.jpg
301 FAVE-46.jpg
301 FAVE-101.jpg
301 FAVE-102.jpg
301 FAVE-103.jpg
301 FAVE-105.jpg
301 FAVE-106.jpg
301 FAVE-111.jpg
301 FAVE-114.jpg
301 FAVE-115.jpg
301 FAVE-105b.jpg
301 FAVE-206.jpg
301 FAVE-216.jpg
301 FAVE-217.jpg
Re-edit Wk 1.jpg
301 FAVE-258.jpg
301 FAVE-261.jpg
301 FAVE-264.jpg
301 FAVE-267.jpg
301 FAVE-270.jpg
301 FAVE-272.jpg
301 FAVE-271.jpg
301 FAVE-300.jpg
301 FAVE-304.jpg
301 FAVE-306.jpg
301 FAVE-308.jpg
301 FAVE-310.jpg
301 FAVE-312.jpg
301 FAVE-316.jpg
301 FAVE-321.jpg
301 FAVE reedits-112.jpg
301 FAVE-324.jpg
301 FAVE-326.jpg
301 FAVE reedits-114.jpg
301 FAVE reedits-115.jpg
301 FAVE reedits-110.jpg