The Superlatives

We made some really important decisions on our recent girls' weekend.

  1. Five years is too long between trips.
  2. There will always be a custom t-shirt and glassware for all participants.
  3. The party cannot start without a port wine cheese ball. 

We also decided that there should have been an official Superlative Awards ceremony.  Okay, just Ashlee and I decided this, but we agreed so strongly on it, that I didn't want this trip to pass by without some official recognition taking place. 

First up: Elizabeth, who we deem Most Likely To:

  • Appear in Town & Country magazine while sipping a rosé champagne in a fashion-forward bikini.

  • Sneak photos of you while you're sleeping (because you're so cute).

  • Bring a muddler to your child's next birthday party. 

Vivian, who we deem Most Likely To:

  • Champion a class action law suit against any member of God's kingdom bearing eight legs and beady eyes.
  • Run a No Excuses Boot Camp that only meets on mornings after you've stayed up too late with your girlfriends, drinking lots of grape salad.
  • Discover and make a mint off of the exotic health benefits of port wine cheese. 

Megan, who we deem Most Likely To:

  • Make everyone take four silly and six serious versions of every possible photo op.
  • Find time to scale a mountain in the Alps, show up for a girls' weekend, and complete a 4-class series on preparing ceviche all while managing an International move with small children. 
  • Have a dish named after her at every restaurant she visits. 

Anne, who we deem Most Likely To:

  • Win every wine tasting event by default, rather than actually winning.  If you can't beat 'em, wear 'em down with endless tie-breakers, she says. 
  • Successfully convince a vegan that they must have an In-N-Out Burger.  Now.
  • Start up a tour company aimed at the gently aging former sorority girl demographic. 

And Miss Ashlee, who we deem Most Likely To:

  • Gleefully jump in the lake to save a $30 hat while wearing $300 sunglasses.
  • Provide the most appropriate, practical and proper advice for absolutely any personal dilemma.
  • Be featured on her own Food Network show titled, "Above Board Cheese Boards and Sangria Dreams."

This time next year, girls?