A post of so-so shots - all that make me smile

It's been over two weeks since posting any photos, so I guess I can't hide it any longer.  I just haven't taken any that are 'blog-worthy' (I need to brush up on my settings, I guess!) BUT I've got several here that make me smile when I see them.

The first: Nana.  Bet she thinks I forgot about taking this series, after Ella insisted she wear her crown.

Next up, Michael having fun at the zoo during the absolutely gorgeous weekend we had.  Monday's weather has completely cancelled that, of course.

The focus is off...the light is terrible...only Ella is looking at me...But they are BOTH SMILING and actually in CLOSE PROXIMITY TO EACH OTHER.  (There is the small possibility that Ella earned a snack-size Snickers after this shot was accomplished.)

I exist! 

Anyone else with Silly Bands-obsessed kids?

(Above) Ella, caught in the midst of a Bob-the-Builder-moment.  Clearly she knows she's too old for this, but has tossed that aside in the pursuit of pure happiness.

(Below) Tonight we had our first fire and the kids took up residence in front of it while we watched Lady and the Tramp.  Hello Fall.