The Second Stop: Rome

Our arrival into Rome was unexpected but hysterical.  First, we had a slightly suicidal cabbie drive us to our hotel - we literally held hands the whole way and didn't know whether to laugh or totally freak out - then when we got to our hotel, a street performer with balloons began messing with us before we could even get our bags out of the cab.  It was so funny. 

Wish I had a picture of it, but I don't.  I do have lots more in the gallery, though.  Below are a few favs. 

Inside the colloseum - it lightly rained all morning and we were the only ones on our tour with Lucia. Ended up being a really great day. If we had it to do again, we'd hire a private tour on purpose.

Tourists were wandering quietly around this church in Trastevere while their normal Sunday morning activities were going on. I was able to sneak behind the choir practice to see a niche and took the opportunity to grab this shot. They sounded beautiful with the acoustics of the nave - too bad you can't hear a photo. I couldn't hold a conversation with Wes while eating this gelato. Three times on our trip we were lucky enough to find local markets. Too bad these babies wouldn't have survived the trip home in my suitcase (or "soupcase," according to Ella.)

We returned to Piazza Navona a couple of times.

I tossed in a coin - that means I get to go back, right?