The First Stop: Amalfi Coast

Only one thing could keep our eyes open after being up for over 24 hours and taking the red-eye to into Naples - the view of the Amalfi Coast as we drove toward Positano.  Holy cow. 

I've posted a few of my favorites below but you can see more here in the gallery.

The galleries are being a bit 'buggy' today but if you are having any trouble seeing a photograph, click on it directly again, and there are no problems with bringing up the full-screen view of each. 

Nighttime Positano from our hotel balcony.It was late afternoon and most of the tourists had cleared out or, like us, were sitting down with a glass of wine someplace. We didn't know we were lost yet, but I was enjoying walking around Ravello, thinking we had almost an hour to spare before finding our way to our class. The butcher shop on the left had some amazing looking goodies inside. Loved this fountain in Amalfi. Also loved the gelataria being right behind it. :)

 I want to go back.