One More Rite of Passage

Michael's going to be two in September.  Two.  I think if I start trying to wrap my head around it now, in June, I might be prepared by the time he's blowing out his dual candles.  All by himself this time around, I'm sure.  *Sigh*  There are very few 'firsts' left on his list, and today we marked off one more. 

I'm a World Cup widow most of today and so took the kids out on a fun adventure to the UPS store, FedEx Kinko's (don't knock either - both were big hits for the four and under crowd), then to Salon Red for Kids in Decatur for haircuts.  Ella is an old pro and was beyond hyper as we bounded into the salon...Michael was not so sure.  But he did great.  Not one tear, although he maintained a relatively cynical expression the whole time.  Hopefully his stylist, Shawntae, didn't take offense. 

Ella was up first, showing Michael how it's done. Not so sure about this operation. So proud of him for holding still. Even when Shawntae broke out the electric shears. Very brave of her!Almost done. The big reward. Now, off to Chick-Fil-A. Okay, this one has nothing to do with the post, but it's just a fun one I took this week after work one day. "Flying" is pretty popular around here lately.