Sweet Baby Julia Came to Visit

I mean, I was excited that Meg came to town to visit and we even got to see Meme (hope I'm spelling that right!), too, but this morning Ella was still talking about how baby Julia came over to see us last night.  This little girl has got some eyelashes I would like to superglue onto my lids.  But that might make her cry so I resisted. 

Julia was oblivious to Michael sneaking off with her binkie on multiple occasions. Kid's got an issue. Someday soon, these shoes aren't going to be so big on her. *sniff*I'm not sure how Wes managed to do it, but he got both kids to wait patiently on the porch steps while he put out the sprinkler for a little playtime after dinner last night. Of course, Michael couldn't take his eyes off the hose long enough for me to snap a photo. Oh well. Sprinkler time leads to bath time. Pure joy from a $5 pair of pink goggles.