The Last Wine Club Hold-Outs

It's almost here - the final couple in our coveted Wine Night group is making the leap into marrital bliss with the rest of us and we are so excited.  This weekend, we girls hosted a shower and bachelorette party for Elizabeth while the kids went to party with Poppa and Gigi for an overnight stay.  I'm pretty sure they had as much fun as we did, judging by the Sunday afternoon naps. 

The happy couple - Elizabeth and Paul.A few of the hostesses taking a break as the shower began to wind down. One party down, naptime ahead and one more party to go!Sugar cookie favors. Ella was convinced they were an "E" for Elizabeth Manning and used that as a ploy to get more than one as a treat on Sunday.

To protect our hard-earned reputations, I'll stick to only posting a blurry photo from the bachelorette party.