Clickin Moms

I have added a new obsession to my growing list of hobbies - Clickin Moms.  It's an online community of photographers (total beginners [me!!] to professionals) and in such a short period of time, I've learned more than I ever could on my own. 

Check it out by clicking on the banner link on the right side of the photoblog.  (Oh, and I'm super proud of myself for figuring out how to insert HTML code.  Wahoo!)

Right now, they are running discounts on memberships - usually $50 for a full year.  Use coupon code FRIEND at checkout for 10% off any subscription, or coupon code LOVECM for 20% off a lifetime subscription.

If you're not sure about it, they have trial memberships for 7 days.  It took me, oh, about 20 minutes to decide maybe I should just go ahead and get a lifetime membership.  LOL

Anyway, sorry for the non-photo entry today, but I've gotten really excited about this new find and wanted to share!