Back-lighting Assignment - Take Two

If it's possible to fail a photo assignment, I'm pretty sure I failed last week.  So tonight after dinner, I took the kids to the nearest window with the camera and let them play around.  Still not sure I'm going to 'pass' on my re-do, but here are a few that I liked. 

I'm learning to embrace the noise/grain that comes from my camera - I have to bump my ISO waaaaaay up to get a shutter speed that won't make all of the photos look like the kids are on LSD. 

For those that missed it, Elizabeth, Viv and I surprised Meg in Miami this weekend (we missed you, Ashlee!) and if you want to see some of those photos, I uploaded them on my MobileMe gallery

Here is Ella teaching Michael about the finer points of Silly Band collecting.

Apparently the empty bathtub is a really fun place to play and dance.

P.S., I'm still having lots of trouble with newer photos replacing older ones on the photoblog in case you're noticing the same.  Tonight I'm trying out one more fix that will prevent it from continuing to happen.  We'll see...