Sunset Beach 2010

Apparently, if it's your birthday, anything involving technology will not work properly for you.  Maybe the cosmos are telling me I'm supposed to be unplugging and getting away?  Fat chance.  In any event, this is my second time putting together this post.  Hope you enjoy!

I took nearly 900 photos during our week with the beach and culled those down to about 180 that you can see if you CLICK HERE to visit my MobileMe Gallery. Of course, there are only about 160 that are currently showing, so you can check back tonight after I troubleshoot on our Mac at home.  (See paragraph #1 reference to technology.)  [Edited to add: it's fixed now!  181 pics are up.]

Luckily for most of you who are short on time, I've posted just a few to the blog. I have to give credit on this first shot to Michael who was in charge of the camera at the time.  Not bad for 23 months old!  I'm a proud mama. 

Also, I should add that I'm missing said camera already.  After being such a faithful sidekick, it's gone off to a new home in Indiana and I'm anxiously awaiting a call from Adorama that my new (refurbished) camera is ready for me.  Ring, phone, ring!  It's my birthday!

So I guess this will be my last post for a couple of weeks.  I may go through photography withdrawl.  The family, however, is probably already rejoicing at having a few weeks' break from my bribing and pleading for smiles.