In celebration of today's holiday...

...I'm adding to our photoblog tonight!  For those of you who are unaware, as I was until I logged into Facebook this morning, today is 9.02.10.  Might be a stretch to call it a holiday, but I'm always up for a celebration.  I never watched the show when it was first run, but I became a fan during re-runs.  Actually, the same thing happened to me with Seinfeld.  Apparently I'm a 'late adopter.' 

On Monday, my new camera arrived and I immediately began annoying Wes with lots of random photos while reading the manual by lamplight and trying out the new features and buttons.  I have noted he is not a fan of this practice.  I have promised not to share any of said photos.

Tonight was the first night this week I made it home while there was still a bit of light outside and both kids were awake, so naturally I took advantage of the situation and bugged the kids with the camera, giving Wes a rest.  Hope you enjoy the first batch.  I've still got a lot to figure out on the new camera, but so far, I'm loving it!

I'm pretty proud to say I did nearly nothing to each of these in post-production.  Um, well, mostly because I don't know how.  Nor do I own any software outside of iPhoto.  But still!!!!

Michael refuses to wear these shoes now (apparently he has a little 'Ella' in him, too) but I just love them.

The next three photos made me laugh...first, Ella thinks it's funny to be hanging on to Michael's third ducky.  Michael?  He doesn't think it's so funny. 

Second, Michael succeeds in collecting his three duckies.  They are all in a row and all is well with the world.

Third, little do the duckies know what he had planned all along...Too bad I didn't get a good shot of the carnage that followed a maniacal gleam in his eye. 

Post-bath time...waiting for Ella to finish up washing her fabulous head of hair.

Bathtime is over and Michael is happy in his favorite doggie jammies. How do you keep a 23-month old occupied? Give him a wet wipe and tell him you have a very messy lens cap that needs his attention. He'll go to work right away with a very serious sense of purpose.Can't deny that I miss the 'new baby' smell that both of my babies lost many, many months ago. But the fresh-from-the-bath-in-the-evening smell runs a close second.

Hope everyone else is having a good night.  Apparently college football season started tonight.  That's probably a good reason to celebrate, too.