Hold on to your hats

I know, two posts this week and I only did two in the whole month of August?  Trying to make up for lost time. 

That, and ---  sorry, I interrupt this post because Wes just asked me, "can mayonaise be 'reliable'?" after watching a Duke's commercial.  I've now lost my train of thought.

Oh yeah, I'm also busy posting because the TV is flipping between Wife Swap and Saving Private Ryan (which frightens me).  These are all from the past three hours tonight.  I'm sure the fun will wear off soon...


A bit of a theme tonight was Michael stuffing food in his mouth. Wait, that's every day. One more picture theme - we've discovered Ella has a cool gift and can piece together LEGO figures based on directions meant for 12 year olds. We were drop-jawed at Fellini's tonight. She actually skipped eating dinner tonight because she was so enthralled with putting them together.

Matching up her pieces to the instructions...

Mmmmm, pizza. Of course, Michael spent 90% of his time trying to fall in the fountain and had to be stripped down before we could put him in his car seat.

Night-night hugs time.The dumptruck is done! Unfortunately for Ella, that means it's her bedtime too.