Just One Day Left

We're almost there.  School will be open again on Tuesday - unless a major flood, power outage or grasshopper outbreak hits the city, I suppose.  I think Wes is looking forward to it almost as much as I am.  Kidding, of course. 

P.S. - We wish Gigi a very happy birthday today! 

I resorted to allowing the kids to jump on the bed in order to get some pictures of them this afternoon.  Would you believe it still took a little coaxing on my part?  Kids these days. 

No, you're not crazy...the next two pictures are the same one, twice.  I can't decide which crop I like better.   Votes are welcome. 

A little 'Ella-tude' seeped out in this next one. And I love it.

Can you tell Michael had vacated the scene at this point?  Again, I need better bribes. 

Tonight after coming home from Gigi's birthday dinner, the kids Skyped with their cousins for a little while.  It's always a riot to watch.