Big Night for a Big Boy

Another weekend, another birthday party.  This time we went to the Young Chef's Academy in Toco Hills and about half-way through, I was really wishing I knew about this place back in early December.  The girls had so much fun making the kind of mess in the kitchen that usually makes me cringe. 

Ella was too busy practicing measuring out her flour (scoop, chop, scrape!) that she wouldn't look my way.  Not that that's unusual or anything.

I'd say the low point came when Ella learned she was expected to actually eat the pink pizza that she just lovingly made.  Have I mentioned neither of our children like to eat pizza?  They may be alien kids, ala Men in Black.

Things quickly turned around when she decided to go ahead and sneak a bite of her cupcake.

If you've been wondering where the title for this post came from, here it is.  We've been dancing around it for weeks (months, whatever) and tonight is the night Michael is giving up his binkie habit.  He's not had them overnight for, oh, 18 months or more, but they've been a staple at naptime on the weekends, in the car and in restaurants.  As a big boy of two years, he has agreed to our plan.  The Binkie Fairy arrives tonight to pick up the box of binkies Michael has placed near the fireplace.  In return, she promises to take the binkies to new babies who need them, and will leave him a present in the morning.  Phase One of this transition went off without a hitch.  We'll have to keep you on how the morning goes. 

Pardon the pink.  It was all I had in a pinch for my big boy.