Spring in January

Three weeks ago I was posting photos of the kids in snow.  Today, Ella was in a sundress at the park.  It's so bittersweet knowing it won't last, but man this weekend's been gorgeous. 

The zoo was hoppin' on Saturday morning.  Had to include this shot - looks to me like a family of Sophie doll giraffes.  Apparently the zebras and hippos were sleeping in.

You'll notice as you scroll, we spent a lot of time sticking our heads through plywood walls.

Here is Ella making her very serious Willie B. gorilla face.

Ha!  Couldn't help myself.  This one cracks me up.

Patiently awaiting the start of the carrousel.

Coloring an octopus while we wait for lunch at Six Feet Under. 

Michael's monkey face comes out.

I think this next one is my favorite of today's bunch.

On the way home, the kids called Gigi to say "hello!"