Pumpkins and the Fair

If you're in the Atlanta area and looking for a picturesque pumpkin farm, I can't say enough nice things about Kinsey Family Farms in Gainesville.  Aside from hay rides, feeding some fish and a cow or two, there's not a ton of action for the kids, but it's perfect for those with very little ones.  We like it because it doesn't have to be a half-day-long adventure - when we're in the mood for that, we head to Washington Farms in Watkinsville - and it makes for some great photos. 

First thing this past Sunday morning, we headed that way.

Does Michael look ready for the hay ride driver to get this show on the road, or what?

After lunch at Taco Mac, "where they defrost everything to perfection," as Wes likes to say, we drove over to Cumming for the last day of the country fair.  We arrived within 10 minutes of the opening, along with 90 percent of Cumming's finest residents who apparently all had the same idea as ourselves. 

Happily, we made it in and proceeded to spend about three hours risking the kids' lives on various rides built by questionable Carnies. 

Back home, the kids spent some time drawing pumpkins and ponies on the driveway.

Next weekend, we have haircuts and chores on the agenda.  It'll be a toss-up as to which weekend they prefer, I'm sure.