Another Weekend, Continued Pumpkin Appearances

This past weekend, we didn't plan too many extra-cirricular activities.  Sandwiched between the Disney/fair/pumpkin farm extravaganza, and the upcoming excitement of the Fall Festival and Halloween itself, we planned a relaxing "off" weekend. 

But first, we had a birthday to celebrate.  Three candles naturally calls for three people to blow them out properly, right?

The cupcakes were good, but a little heavy on the icing.  Funny, there were no complaints from the peanut gallery.  (Note the first fire of the season...the house still smelled wonderful on Saturday morning...mmmm.)

Ella's been practicing her knitting a lot lately.  She must know that Nana's going to be making an appearance soon and she wants to be on top of her game.  I helped a little with some dropped stiches and tangled yarn.  "You're almost as good as a Nana, Mom." 

That might be the best compliment I've gotten all year. 

Saturday morning, I sat in on Ella's ballet class.  She confuses the ballet bar with a set of monkey bars on occasion, but I was pretty proud of how well she followed instruction and tried her best with all of the new techniques Ms. Jessica is throwing her way.  It's a big leap from last year's Creative Movement class.

Sunday afternoon, we broke the pumpkins out.  Here is Ella thinking to herself, "Oh yeah, I remember.  This is messy.  Maybe I don't want to do this part afterall."

All of big sister's "ewwww"'s rubbed off of little brother, too.  I believe this photo is one of four total scoops Michael attempted to remove seeds from the inside of his pumpkin.  The rest of the scraping/scooping duty was left up to Wes and me. 

Now, the art begins. 

This is the result of my giving up on ever getting a photo of them smiling with their completed pumpkins.  Some days it's just more fun to hide behind the pumpkin tops, I guess. 

Time to head in.  Dinner's ready.