Candy Hangover, Day 1

It may already be time for the Switch Witch to show up and get all of this candy out of the house.  Not to save the kids.  To save me from myself.  Have you had one of those square-shaped peanut butter Snickers bars?  Heaven.  Too bad Michael only snagged one on his travels around the neighborhood, and if Ella got any at all, she ate it en route while Trick or Treating.  Dang it.   There are still plenty of Reese's Cups to steal, however. 

This year, we had a little astronaut along for the ride - so cute!

Ella ended up going with her original plan - Snow White. 

And Michael stuck with his cowboy theme for the second year running.  We're currently taking bets on next year's chances we'll still be getting use out of his bandana and duster.

Time to hit the road.

This cowboy's on a mission.

And here is the site of the end of our Halloween trek around the neighborhood.  We've made a note to avoid this house in the future.  It led to a one-way ticket back to home base with two crying kiddos. Oops.

(Not to worry, a few extra pieces of candy from their newly collected stashes quickly put it all behind them.)