Are you really here, Spring?

I don't dare hope it will last, but the 70+ degree weather this weekend was awesome.  What's not awesome?  The fact I still haven't started the big "what to do with our porch furniture?" issue.  This is clearly coming to a head soon.  Suggestions welcome.  Nana may be subjected to a Forsyth Fabrics run next weekend. 

The first undeniable sign that happiness is just around the corner:

Among many notable events this weekend was Michael's transition to themed underwear.  Here is some documentation of the exciting beginning.  We've had many successes, some failures, and lots of hope for a life out of diapers in the coming weeks. 

We also celebrated the upcoming marriage of Cousin Kate (the older, on the Manning side, not the younger on the Feighner side) and as you'll see, Michael and Cousin Austin made friends with the ivory and ebony that day.

My idea of "punishing" the kids by making them wash the chalk off the side of the garage didn't work out so well.  "Can we have some more water, Mommy?! We need more water!"


Acting like he owns the neighborhood, here comes Michael, heading toward some play time at the playground.