Thirteen Photos for February 13

After nearly a whole week away from the family, I was begging the kids to bake some cookies with me (Wes was subjected to a board game last night.)  First, we went in search of the ducks at Decatur Cemetary with a bag full of bread to dole out, but they were no where to be found.

So we ended up at the park, instead.  Almost as good, according to Ella.

Watching the paddle beat the ingredients was quite a thrill.  No worries, I made sure no one sneezed into the bowl.

Making one batch of cookies has never taken so long.  I think we had to pause at least every two minutes to send someone to wash their hands, trade out a utensil that accidentally ended up in someone's mouth ("It was an accident, mommy!") or to mop kosher salt up off the floor before Abby tracked it all over the house. 

Waiting for cookies to bake can be very trying. The kids managed to entertain themselves, though.

Happy Valentine's Day to our friends and teachers!  Those peanut butter and dark chocolate cookies are delicious, but they can't stay in my house.  :)