Twin Celebrations

Friends of ours are expecting twin baby girls (!!!!) and this Saturday we gathered to share a few drinks, laughs and a set of wipe warmers. 

I find one thing to be true at every couples' shower we've ever taken part in: If there's a chance women may be discussing childbirth, centerpieces or the finer points of baby pink versus ice pink, the men will huddle together, cold beers in hand, and speak only of signing day and the latest inappropriate YouTube making it's way around the Web. 


Only women would hang the decorations in front of the flat screen, they said.

Our second 'celebration' of the weekend was to watch the Super Bowl at a friends house.  Shh!  Don't tell Michael, he thought it was a party for his birthday.  The kids spent the majority of the time playing dress-up and ignoring the totally awesome commercials that the Super Bowl is all about.

If nothing else, Ella has a future selling real estate in Boca.  She was working that cell like a pro.