If only the porch weren't coated in pollen

We probably would have spent the entire weekend out on the porch; unfortunately we've not been industrious enough to clear off the 1/4-inch of pollen that's coating every surface out there. 

Here is a rare glimpse of the kids playing nicely together building a castle of some sort.  Don't be too impressed.  It lasted about as long as it took me to grab the camera and take this shot.

This morning, the kids and I played out in the front yard (avoiding the aforementioned porch.) Michael ran in to get his juice which I let him do on his own.  Mistake No. 1 of the day.  I came in a short while later to find this scene in the kitchen.

Spring planting was finished up yesterday.  Now all I have to do is remember to water everything...

These little trees of pollen look so clever, so harmless.  So not true.

We took the kids to Holwell Park today for a picnic and some playtime. 

I should know better than to ask Ella to look at the camera for me.

Yes, I really should know better.