A new toy

So I downloaded Lightroom this week and am taking the plunge into the great unknown (to me) world...post-processing for photos.  Things may look a little goofy as I make some mistakes, try some new things out and decide what I'm happy with.  You may be relieved to know I'll be getting professional help starting tomorrow, in the form of a month-long Lightroom 101 workshop.  I'm sure I'll be the student putting the "101" in LR101, but hey, someone has to.

For those who have been following the exciting sprout in our kitchen, here's some recent progress.  Question for anyone who has a green thumb - exactly what do we do now?  I think this tomato baby's about to outgrow it's humble container.

The best play places are generally not the ones you buy at the store.  Why do we spend money on our playroom again?

Pudding break

Today, we hit the Dogwood Festival's 75th anniversary - and of course, had to partake of the King of Pops.  The only $3 popsicle that's actually worth $3.

Michael got to ride the zippy carousel - it was hard to grab a picture as they whizzed by each time.

Ella had her sights on a more adventurous ride.

Atlanta skyline from the top of the ferris wheel.

This little girl had NO fear. I, on the other hand...

Before heading home, we had to stop and see the disc dog competition for a little while.

More to come (maybe not still tonight.) We celebrated Easter a little early with Wes' family and got a few shots to share this evening.  Stay tuned.  Off to put the second little one to bed.