Presets ARE Fun

Tonight after school, the kids earned some time out in the sprinkler (mind you, this involved an excrutiating 50-minute dinner period where either Wes or I had to give specific instructions to the kids on sitting in chairs, eating their food, not pointing their forks at family members, et. al., ad nauseum) and I took a few pictures. 

I only seem to get silly faces these days.  Even when they promised me some good smiles at bath time.  Oh well.  :)  More importantly (for this post) I downloaded some Lightroom presets tonight and wanted to try them out.  As I guessed, I liked them as a starting point, then spent a lot of time tweaking and adjusting until I liked them better. 

What do you think?  Any favorites?  (Hint: There is a correct answer.  Because I have one.)