A Little of This and That

At the end of each day I think back over the things I'm grateful for - maybe one day I'll be good enough to write it all down - but at the very least, it's what I think of as I fall asleep.  At the end of a day like Memorial Day, I add to my thoughts all of the servicemen and women who make our simple, happy, safe and healthy lives possible.  Puts you in the mood for some fireworks, doesn't it? Guess we'll have to wait until the 4th when our neighbors will continue their annual tradition of giving the fine men and women in blue of the City of Decatur some calls to respond to for once. 

Now going back a little in time...to celebrate the end of Pre-K, the parents hosted a small cookout at McKoy park for all of the kids last week.  Here's Ella and her friend Nekabari, both cheering everyone up in their yellow tops.

For a few weeks, there has been some gas line repair work in our neighborhood.   When the workmen have the good fortune to be working in front of our house, they also get an audience.

Thursday night, the After School Program put on a Talent Show - it was hysterical.  Here are some of the ribbon-dancing girls, Sofia and Ella, lining up for their performance.

At the very end, each child got a trophy (type thing) to commemorate their year with the ASP.

Today, we took the kids to see the Braves game against the Patriots. [Edited to add: This was a little joke for my husband who thinks I know next to nothing about sports.  He missed it, but I still got a laugh.] Holy crap it was hot.  And our seats were in the shade.  The kids lasted through three innings, not sparing a lot of time to watch the actual game but instead staying occupied by eating cotton candy and shelling roasted peanuts. 

This one, I'm going to file under "classics." 

For those who haven't had the joy of running into my belly here in Georgia, this is what 16 weeks looks like the third time around.  I'll be lucky if I can still fit in my car in November.