Agnes Scott Discovery

Ok, so I probably should label something as a "discovery" when it's roughly 750 yards from the house we've lived in for over five years, but I ventured onto the Agnes Scott campus for the first time this past Sunday.  Turns out, it's not just a bunch of pretty trees and buildings that face the road...there's more inside!  Apparently all of those movie and T.V. producers who have been using the campus for location shoots have been on to something. 

I was there to take some photos of the lovely Kilfeathers, and little do my own children know, but they'll be meeting the same fate on that gorgeous campus in the very near future. 

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot.





In other news, our entire house has been/is being torn up to accomodate repainting all of the interior walls and cabinets.  For two individuals as anal retentive as Wes and I, this amount of household disruption has us a little on the edge.  BUT, the rooms that have been completed so far...heaven.  Five plus years of dogs, little dirty fingers and general mayhem are being systematically wiped clean.  My soul understands the end of this project will bring me much peace and happiness.  In the meantime, however, chaos abounds.

Ella and Michael were more than willing to jump in and help with a few of the prep projects, including tearing cork board off of our playroom walls.  Here are our little helpers in action.