A Few Before the Beach

Tomorrow, we head to the beach.  Which means tonight, I should be finishing packing and getting to bed early.  Should be.

Instead, I wanted to post a few pics before I fill up the blog next week with visions of sand and sun. 

At times, today was a trying day in the life of our two-year-old.  Here he is accepting one of the day's lessons.

After lunch, Ella and I headed up to see the Cuestas for a quick visit while their trip to Atlanta overlapped with us still being in town.  So great to see them - and to meet baby Gabrielle!  Little Julia was too quick for me.  :)

Loved the girls' matching outfits. 

I've been promising a preview of Pigeon's nursery for a little while.  Now that the kids' rooms are switched around and Paintmaggedon 2011 is finished (AMEN), I can share the work-in-progress.  Soon, I'll try to get the big kids in each of their new rooms as well. 

Happy 4th to everyone!