We had one of those summer Sundays with no set agenda today.  The to-do list was ignored (sorry Craigslist posts I've been meaning to get organized for weeks...anyone want a nice rocker/glider for a nursery?) and Alladin was played f-o-u-r times in our house this weekend.  Today, we hit the playground ("hello, 75 degrees, I love you"), went to the bookstore, and I introduced the kids to the theraputic joys of baking homemade bread. 

If I'm being honest, I think they really just enjoyed hearing about how the yeast eats sugar and burps bubbles into the rising dough.  Seeing it was even more fun.  Oh, and Wes says there was a golf tournament and a soccer game on today.

Couldn't bring myself to change this one to a monochrome.  Mmm, it is tasty.

(Note from Ella: Hers is on the left.  Michael's is on the right. Wouldn't want anyone to mix them up.)