Big Kid Rooms

You'll never guess how I bribed the kids to jump in some photos of their new rooms...

I'm still pretty proud of myself for going outside of my (grey, taupe, you-name-it-neutral) box to paint Ella's room pink.  Thankfully she seems to have forgotten about wanting to paint multi-colored hearts all over the walls as well. 

And Michael's artwork behind his bed is being replaced soon with some 'butcher art' dinosaur prints.  When they come in, I'll have to include a detailed shot.  They're perfect.  Most nights, Michael sings a song to himself about his new room and all of the things in it after we put him to bed.  I've GOT to figure out how to record it before the phase passes. 

I also wonder what else I can get the kids to do if I just let them jump on their beds for a few minutes...hmm.