The Sunset Beach Top 18

It's August 1 today, and that's special for a couple of reasons.

  1. It's Nana and Rocket's 41st wedding anniversary.  (And my brother turns 42 soon.  Shh, he still hasn't figured it out.)
  2. It's the last day of summer for the kids.  Hold onto your socks - Elizabeth starts Kindergarten tomorrow.  Look for more forced-kid-photography along that subject line later this week.
  3. There are a mere 17 days of shopping left until my birthday. 

To celebrate such a triple-threat of joyus occasions, I've finally stopped to post photos from our trip to Sunset Beach last week.  Which, by the way, I believe was the only week this year made up of less than seven days.  It flew by at record speed. 

The full gallery of photos is available here (CLICK to see 210 vacation photos if you're long on time and attention span availability.)

First up, here are a couple of hurried attempts at putting together some composites from the trip.  Next time, I'll make sure things actually line up.  Details, details.

I found that many of the shots I took last week felt better in black and white.  Strange for a beach trip, maybe, but here they are.

And now for a little color...

And #18: While taking some long-exposure shots of the beach houses at twilight, someone down the beach began firing off fireworks and bottle rockets.  I was lucky enough to catch a few in some of my shots.

Pigeon update: All is well with the little bugger.  Here we are at 24 1/2 weeks (measuring more like 26 or 27 weeks by now.)  I'm going to make a great pumpkin for Halloween.  No extra padding for my costume will be required.


P.S. I was only kidding about my brother.  His birthday's not until April.