Heading Into the Holiday

It was a big week for our little girl.  She finished up Kindergarten and danced her last dance (so she says) as a member of the local ballet school.  Apparently she doesn't care how much we love watching her perform...there's too much stretching in ballet and she's not going back.  (*sniff*)  Maybe bocce ball is up next? 

These are a mix of shots from her dress rehearsal and the actual recital in case the order seems wonky.

Today, we headed up to Lake Hartwell to spend some time with Aunt Kristi and Uncle David.  Can't believe the kids didn't crash in the car on the way home, but they certainly went to bed easily after all of that fun in the water and sun. 

"I'm not tired."

And I think there are a few random ones that I haven't posted already.

Michael had a grand idea to go running around in the rain.  Which was great until he came back to the front porch and got a whiff of Mom and Dad's reaction to his soaking self. 

Big sister thought it was hysterical that little brother got in trouble. Naturally.

Love this one from Farm Burger after Ella's dress rehearsal.