The Renaissance in Georgia

I'm not exactly sure what the world and it's people looked like during the Renaissance, but if it was anything like what we witnessed south of Atlanta today...I don't know what to say.  What I do know is this: if there's anything that feels better than a refreshing shower after a day at the lake, it's a refreshing shower after having spent five hours in the blazing sun being constantly dusted with gravel dirt kicked up by horses and passers by. 

Reading over what I just wrote, you might get the impression we didn't have fun.  We did.  It was awesome.  I only wish we could go back without the kids so we could spend more time taking in the...sights...and less time corraling sweaty, dirty, happy kiddos. I'm sorry I wasn't able to take many photos, there was just so much going on!

The first show we checked out was jousting.  Here are the big kids cheering on their rider.

If there's a face-painting booth within a mile radius, you know we have to stop.

Henry was a serious trooper today. (So was Wes.)  Pardon the greasy hair.  The kids were laden with several rounds of sunscreen. Oh, and he did start the day with pants.  (Henry, I mean. Well, Wes, too.)

And of course...the reason we came.

We hope you and yours spent this Memorial Day enjoying all of the fun, freedom, family and safety our service men and women make possible in this awesome country.  God bless it.