FFP: Forced Family Photos

As I look through our photo library, I notice a missing commodity...there are nearly none with all of the kids together.  There's a good reason for this, of course.  Have you ever tried to get three kids together for one photo?  It requires a seven-part logistics plan involving proper lighting, sufficient rest, recent snacks, relatively dirt-free clothes and faces, good behavior and happy moods that is all but impossible to acheive with three little people all at the same time. Spreadsheets cannot help me with this problem. 

Nevertheless, it's a goal of mine so I'm going to keep instituting FFPs for the kiddos throughout the year.  Eventually, I'm sure to get The One.  Right?  You may notice a certain three-year old is only present in a minimum of photos below.  There's also a good reason for that.  Let's just say he's lucky to still be with us today.  The good Lord made him ridiculously cute and funny for self-defense purposes, I now know. 


"Phew Mom, that was hard work. Are you telling me I need to get used to this camera thingie?  I'm going to have to up my training."


And one more...from Saturday...this girl is so happy at the pool.  Our little fish.