B&W Lifestyle

One day a couple of weeks ago, I signed up to audit a lifestyle photography workshop.  Below are the fruits of my week one assignment.  It was fun to try some purposeful shooting, but more importantly, this gave me a reason to finally figure out how templates work in Lightroom.  This is a major accomplishment.  (For me anyway...everyone else seems to find it quite easy.)  I think next time, I might leave some white space around the photos, though.  Oops!  and I now see that I duplicated a photo.  Must've really liked that one. 

Attempt No. 1: Michael

M LWK Layout 1.jpg
2013.05 Selects-5.jpg
2013.05 Selects-30.jpg
2013.05 Selects-31.jpg
2013.05 Selects-13.jpg
2013.05 Selects-32.jpg

Attempt No. 2: Ella and Jemima

2013.05 Selects-33.jpg
2013.05 Selects-17.jpg
2013.05 Selects-34.jpg
2013.05 Selects-24.jpg
2013.05 Selects-35.jpg
2013.05 Selects-27.jpg

I think I might try this assignment one more time tomorrow with Henry when I have better light. Maybe I can get him to bake me some cookies...Hmm.